You wake up one day and realize as a man you can’t perform like you should and as a woman, you are no longer interested in sex. You realize you have put on unwanted weight and you aren’t happy about it. How can you feel sexual if you do not like the way you look?

How did life get away from us? How did we forget about caring for ourselves?  And, the most important question, why is it such a struggle to get our life and diet under control? There are many answers to these questions-family and work commitments; minimal time to prepare good meals; eating on the go; and exhaustion.  Americans eat a lot of processed foods. These foods are full of preservatives, herbicides, and pesticides.  Even if you cook for yourself, if are not buying organic you are exposing your body to the chemicals in these foods. Many of the environmental pollutants act like estrogen and attach to estrogen receptors. This wreaks havoc with your hormonal balance. These toxic chemicals are stored in our fat cells making it hard for us to lose weight.

To make a change, what do you do? First realize you have control. If you choose to take action, you can improve your health and ultimately your sexual function. Start with a plan and understand what you can and cannot eat. Do not think of this as “going on a diet.” Instead, your mindset should be that you are making a lifestyle change that will allow you to enjoy your life.  The right attitude will help you focus. If you should not eat sugar accept it, focus on the plan and do not cheat.

The end result will be worth the sacrifice.  You will find you lose weight, have more energy, sleep better, have a clearer mind, a better mood, and an improved sex life.

Therefore, if you find yourself lacking in sexual function, the first thing to do is assess your diet .

Start making healthy eating choices, drink plenty of good filtered water, be constant, stay the course and results will follow!