We believe in achieving dreams.

We believe in small business.

“I was at a place where I needed to make a decision. Am I going to grow with the same business model or shrink? I was beyond capacity and didn’t know the next step to take. As a result of the YMT training program I attended, I feel empowered and know that really big goals are achievable. I’ve given myself permission to think big and achieve big!

Kerri Mollard, President, Mollard Consulting

Trainings with YMT

YMT has successfully guided hundreds of entrepreneurs to develop and grow their business utilizing our expert microbusiness knowledge.

YMT combines in-class training with one-on-one mentoring ensuring small business owners receives the best of ALL worlds. This includes knowledge to grow, mentoring, accountability, and peer support.

The end result? A strong, monetized business ready to increase their economic clout (revenue and job creation).

Talk about a win-win-win.  Ready to grow your business revenue? Want a support team? Willing to be held accountable for implementation a plan to growth?

How Our Consulting Services Support You

MGT Infographic

YMT Consultants focuses specifically on YOU utilizing our Management Growth Tactics™ (MGT) and tough empathy™ to monetize your business increasing your economic clout (revenue and job creation).

Each month we will focus, strategize, and implement financial controls, leadership development, and processes and procedures. Together we will grow you from a small business owner into the CEO of your organization.

Ready to achieve your business ownership dreams?

Our Tough Empathy™ is used to grow you into the CEO of your organization.

YMT is all about getting things done. We roll up our sleeves and partner with you to plan for and implement growth.  This may mean we push you out of your comfort zone. While we acknowledge this may be tough it has to be done. But you are not doing it alone. We are right there supporting you as you push yourself and business forward.

Resources For Small and Micro Businesses

Leadership Assessment

YMT Consultants utilizes EBW (emotions and behaviors at work) Emotional Intelligence Assessment to assist microbusiness owners to increase their leadership and communication skills. Contact us to learn more.

Certified Microbusiness Consultant Certification™ (CMC)

Do you want to launch your own micro-business consulting firm? YMT Consultants will train and certify you as a micro-business expert while you learn how to develop, monetize, and grow your own consulting business. Hosted twice a year, the training program focuses on the implementation of the MGT™ process and Tough Empathy™.

Microbusiness Workbooks

YMT, owner Mary McCarthy, has authored numerous workbooks designed to help you grow your business. The Aspiring Entrepreneur™ focuses on a 5-week curriculum designed for our future entrepreneurs. The Inspired Entrepreneur™ focuses on a 12-week curriculum for early-stage and struggling entrepreneurs. The Determined Entrepreneur® is an 8-week curriculum, designed to elevate the microbusiness owner to become the CEO of their organization. The Empowered Entrepreneur™ is an 8-week proprietary curriculum designed to grow the microbusiness from heavily relying on the microbusiness CEO into an organization that is functionally self-sustaining. Contact us to learn more.

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