Catalyst – this is the term Mary’s team has given her.

As a catalyst Mary partners with her microbusiness clients utilizing her motivation, determination, and get things done attitude. She will always tell it like it is while understanding the fears that hold each of us back from growth.

Our Core Values

“We take ownership of our outcomes and make things happen.”

“We listen and adjust for effective communications.”

“We are purposeful while working as a team.”

“We utilize creativity and flexibility in everyday workflow.”

“We have fun while making a difference.”

“Working with YMT Consultants, I was able to learn the tools of the trade needed to take my business to the next level and connect with other business owners.”

Susan Fortner, Bowers PR

Meet The Small Business Advocate And Guru

Mary McCarthy

Mary has not only learned to succeed as an entrepreneur, she has thrived. With over 20 years of experience as a business owner and consultant, Mary has taken those experiences and turned them into YMT Consultants. The rich offering of services and programs YMT provides assists other microbusiness owners to navigate their own challenges and opportunities with expert resources, rather than by trial and error. Watching entrepreneurs begin, grow, and flourish is her lifelong passion. Although she no longer rides a bike, she encourages her clients to “get back on the bike” when they stumble as their business grows. She has been heard saying, “What sets us apart is our tough empathy.” While she acknowledges the daily challenges and fears entrepreneurs face, she does not allow these excuses to prevent a microbusiness owner from gaining control and growing their business. Another fearless woman, Maya Angelou, sums up Mary’s perspective on life: “I can do things you cannot; you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”


Empowering entrepreneurs to reach their potential and changing the perceived value of entrepreneurship.


Equipping entrepreneurs with the tools to think strategically, educating the community on the needs of microbusinesses.



the formation of ideas or concepts


use of the imagination or original ideas


plan of action for achieving a major or overall aim


planning for the future with imagination or wisdom


the ability to adjust to new conditions

Ready To Get Started

If you are tired of struggling, need someone to talk with and hold you accountable, then NOW is the time to make a change for the benefit of your business. Ready to grow your business past the half-million- or million-dollar mark? Give us a call today.