Staffing shortages have hit nearly every small business in America in the last year. And there are many reasons people have left the workforce – or went after a new job or career.

It’s tough out there for every business owner and there aren’t many signs that it is getting better any time soon. But, that said, there are things you can do to address staffing shortages and hopefully, hire the people you need to do the job.

Here are three ways to handle staffing shortages in your small business.


If you are having trouble finding employees, talk to people you know about what they are looking for in a job or career. As a small business owner, you will have constraints about benefits or pay, for example but sometimes people will take less money or benefits in exchange for something like greater flexibility or control over their work.


Once you ask people what they want, it’s important that you listen to what they are actually saying. For many people, the COVID-19 global pandemic has made them appreciate money less and time more. So, as a small business owner, this is your chance to shine. If potential hires want more responsibility and control, greater flexibility, to have a voice and be valued, give it to them!


Look around at what other small businesses are doing to handle staffing shortages for inspiration. Everyone is in the same boat, and there are certainly some entrepreneurs handling the shortages better than others. Be creative.

If you see lots of people in your industry leaving for a gig economy job, offer more flexibility to your employees to keep them. Find what’s attractive and try to offer it.

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