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Our resources provide tips and ideas to help you gain control of your business.

You now have a voice and program created especially for you! We encourage you to listen and share, “The Successful Micropreneur” podcasts

  • Listen. Download our weekly podcast focused on real life stories and resources available to assist you as you manage your microbusiness. Our podcast program can be found on iTunes and Stitcher and www.TheSuccessfulMicropreneur.com
  • Become a guest. Do you have a story to share? Are you a resource provider for microbusinesses? Reach out to us. We would enjoy sharing your stories with our microbusiness audience.

Do you want to launch your own microbusiness consulting firm?

  • YMT Consultants will train and certify you as a microbusiness expert.
  • Learn how to develop, moniteize and grow your own consulting business.
  • YMT Consultants will train and certify you as a microbusiness expert.
  • Learn how to implement the MGT™ process and Tough Empathy™
  • Training programs are hosted twice per year.
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YMT, owner Mary McCarthy, has authored of numerous workbooks designed to help you grow your business.

  • The Inspired Entrepreneur™- Create and Launch Your Business.
    The Inspired Entrepreneur™ is a 12 week proprietary curriculum, created to assist launching and early stage entrepreneurs develop and monetize their business concept.
  • The Determined Entrepreneur®- Get Control to Grow Strategically
    The Determined Entrepreneur® is an 8 week proprietary curriculum, developed by microbusiness owners, designed to elevate the microbusiness owner to become the CEO of their organization.
  • The Empowered Entrepreneur™– Delegate Control to Gain Sustainability
    The Empowered Entrepreneur™ is an 8 week proprietary curriculum designed to grow the microbusiness from heavily relying on the microbusiness CEO into an organization that is functionally self-sustaining.

YMT Consultants utilizes EBW (emotions and behaviors at work) Emotional Intelligence Assessment to assist microbusiness owners increase their leadership and communication skills

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“Working with YMT Consultants, I was able to learn the tools of the trade needed to take my business to the next level and connect with other business owners.”

Susan Fortner, Bowers PR