Almost every successful entrepreneur credits the success of their business to working with a mentor. So, why is mentorship so important?

As an entrepreneur, if you are not working with a mentor – or acting as one to someone else – you are missing out on the valuable experience of mentorship.

Why is a mentor so important? It’s simple really. No one can – or should – do something like running a business all alone. We all need people. We all need advice. We all need someone to talk to when things get challenging.

While we all have skills and experience, running a business means being responsible for tasks that are not always in our wheelhouse.  Having someone’s ear so you can discuss issues and challenges means you may prevent costly mistakes.

A good mentor will give you great advice, top tips and expertise. It also allows for a relationship to grow – and networking opportunities to build.

There’s no need to struggle. Ask someone to be your mentor. Or, if you are in a position to help, ask someone if they’d like you to mentor them. Many entrepreneurs find mentors after reaching out and asking someone they admire – or who is more successful – and since most people want to help, it’s a great relationship.

If you are looking for a mentor – or looking to become a mentor – but you don’t know where to begin, the Women’s Small Business Accelerator (WSBA) has a full Mentor Match program that you can use.

The fact is, a good mentor is invaluable, so this year, find a mentor or be a mentor and reap the benefits!

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